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Sebastien Maurette

Sebastien Maurette

Sebastien Maurette


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Latest company information: 2015-05-07. Source : SIRENE.


Established in Nesle, this lawyer will welcome you in his/her office located at 19 Place Du General Leclerc. With many years of experience in law, Mr/Ms Sebastien Maurette will assist you and advise on you whatever your need. For more information, please make an appointment with Mr/Ms Sebastien Maurette or contact the firm by email or phone.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I be sure of a lawyer's skills?

All lawyers possess, in terms of academic qualifications, a minimum of a Master I in law. However, most also have DEA or DESS (or even a Master II) which allows you to know their initial training. In addition to this training, further specializations can be found in the search criteria in our directory. These specialisations, can be claimed only by lawyers with at least four years' experience and who have passed a professional examination before the bar. It's therefore a guarantee of quality when selecting a lawyer.
Should a lawyer be geographically nearby?

It depends on the service that you will require. During minor litigation, geographic proximity is a major advantage: the lawyer will be easy to meet, and travel expenses won't increase the bill. However, when it's a matter of important and contentious financial issues and/or legal advice, geographic proximity matters much less. Some lawyers also consult by telephone and/or video. During the first call, don't hesitate to ask your lawyer how he wants to work on your case.
How are lawyers' fees calculated?

Lawyers' rates are entirely flexible. A media lawyer will charge for their reputation, not necessarily for their skills. The hourly rate varies among lawyers, though the acceptable price is between 80 € and 250 €. It is also possible to provide a remuneration package, which eliminates unpleasant surprises. It is imperative to ask for an estimate from the first meeting. By calling a lawyer with the number we display on their profile, your call will be anonymous both on your bill as well as the lawyer's: take the opportunity to ask all your questions without obligation!